Powergate 3 – 1.29

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Powergate 3 - rimappatura centraline

Powergate 3 is the only palm-sized device equipped with touch screen and the ability to fully customize the tool to your company. Powergate3 gives you the ability to read and reprogram the ECUs of the leading automotive brands. Its new design and its advanced technology make your work easier and faster.

Alientech Manager is the software for Powergate3 with which the tuner can choose the language, the logos, the images and the Vehicles to be included in his customized version of the tool, thus creating his own sales “User” network.

With this latest update Alientech Manager includes new protocols that enrich considerably the List with great vehicles: Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, RS4 and much more! read more →

Powergate 3 – Update 1:13

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With Alientech Manager software, tuners can choose language, logos, images and, love especially, vehicles to be included in Their customized version of the tool, ran thus creating Their Own network of “user” customers.

The latest update of Alientech Powergate 3 software have Introduced new protocols, greatly enriching the vehicle list. In addition, important innovations will make your work even more easy and efficient. Read now!

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